Lucy Learner


Lucy Learner is a brand new children's book character from Mardy Boy Productions, author Richard Yarnall and illustrator Hazel Quintanilla.


The aim of the books in which she appears is to provide children aged 4-8 with knowledge about the world they live in, the geography, science and culture of the now, as well as a view of history through the ages.




Lucy is a primary school teacher who uses her technology friends, Sammy Smartphone, Lily Pad and Victor Romeo (a VR Headset) to take her students on a fun and action packed virtual journey of education and discovery.


The first book in the series entitled (Lucy Learner and The Romans) is currently being made into a cartoon for children's TV. 


In each book Lucy, her friends and students travel to locations and times where they can learn about such topics as Ancient Rome, Jungle Animals, Space, The Egyptians, Dinosaurs, The Tudors and Life under the Sea. The students get to see, hear and feel what their world is like and what people and civilisations through history did to shape it.

Ana Tomy


Ana Tomy is the second children's book character from Mardy Boy Productions and author Richard Yarnall.


Ana appears in a series of books aimed at children aged 4-8 and aims to educate them why they get sick or hurt and what it means to their body.


Ana takes the boys and girls on a journey inside their body and explains their symptoms, the cause and cure.


The books are illustrated by Filipino artist Harvey Lanot and have proved a big hit with children, parents and primary school teachers. 


Ana Tomy is also being lined up for an animated debut on the web planned for release in summer 2018.


Ana works alongside Doctor Foster and together with her friends they diagnose the poorly children that come to the hospital and reassure them that they don't need to worry about feeling sick.


Pete the Paramedic and Amber Lance transport children to the hospital if needed but if the roads are blocked then Pilot Pete and Hayley Copter are called into action.


Steffi Scope listens to a child's heart and breathing while Theo Mometer measures a child's temperature.


Tex Ray shows any bones that are broken using his special camera.

Coming Soon - Dreamy Jean


Dreamy Jean is the third project by Mardy Boy Productions and tells the story of schoolgirl Jean who finds it hard to concentrate in school and at home.


Her parents and teachers are worried by her constant daydreaming, however Jean's active imagination allows her to see things clearly and she is able to learn new things everyday by asking herself amazing questions like 'how do octopus rollerskate?


The aim is to show that people learn in all kinds of ways and it is ok to be different. Jean also has fun with her thoughts and shows her talent for creativity.


The first book is planned to be published by June 2021 ... watch this space!


Coming Autumn 2021 - Web Warriors Online


Mardy Boy Productions author Richard Yarnall has a fourth book currently being illustrated.


Web Warriors Online tells the story of 5 video gamers from around the world who are also members of a secret organisation called ...


SPIDER (Special Internet Defence & Rescue).


Together they work inside the web to prevent cyber-terrorists from stealing sensitive data, hacking personal information or deploying viruses that infect important computer systems.


The aim of the books are to educate children (and adults) about cyber-security and how they can protect themselves.


The first book is planned to be published by August 2021 ... watch this space!


Coming Winter 2021 - Clown Town



Coming 2022 - Kids Kitchen




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