Lucy Learner Characters

Lucy Learner

Lucy is a primary school teacher who uses technology to take her students on a fun, action packed virtual journey of education and discovery.

Lily Pad

Lily is a tablet PC who can download Apps and programs that the children can use to learn all about the world they live in and past history.

Sammi Smartphone

Sammi is a smart handset who uses the internet and educational websites to provide answers for any questions the children have.

Victor Romeo

Victor is a Virtual Reality headset that the children wear allowing them to travel to amazing places across the globe or hop back in history.


Lucy Learner's students all enjoy their VR lessons where they use smart technology to touch, smell taste, see and hear for themselves.


Lucy takes her students on adventures through time and space where they can see and meet Romans, spacemen, tigers, dinosaurs, pirates etc.

Ana Tomy Characters

Ana Tomy

Ana Tomy is a nurse at the Children's Hospital who takes boys and girls on a journey inside their body, explains their symptoms, the cause and cure.

Doctor Foster

Doctor Foster is the head pediatrician at the Children's Hospital and diagnoses what is wrong with the boys and girls who need attention.

Steffi Scope

Steffi is a stethoscope who Doctor Foster and Ana Tomy use for listening to the action of a sick boy or girl's heart, chest and their breathing.

Theo Mometer

Theo is a thermometer that goes into a sick boy or girl's mouth and Doctor Foster or Ana Tomy use him to measure the child's temperature.

Paramedic Pete

Pete is a paramedic who drives Amber to the scene of an accident and is trained to give emergency medical care to children who are seriously ill.

Amber Lance

Amber is an ambulance who takes Pete and Ana Tomy to the scene of any accident and transports sick boys and girls back to the hospital.


Lulu is the receptionist at the Children's Hospital and she makes sure all the children that need to see Doctor Foster are looked after by Ana Tomy.

Pilot Paul

Paul is a pilot who flies Hayley Copter to the scene of any accident or emergency when the injured boy or girl needs to get to the hospital quickly.

Ivy Fluid

Ivy helps patients who need to get medicine and liquids into their body quickly. She is also important when a patient needs a blood transfusion


Tex is an X-Ray machine who uses a special camera to look at the bones inside a sick child's body to see if any of them are broken or damaged.

Hayley Copter

Hayley Copter is an air ambulance who transports injured or sick children from places where normal ambulances can't get to.


Ana takes sick children on a journey inside their body to explain what is wrong. She also shows them their cells, bones and organs.

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